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Writings on Theoretical Syntax

Selected Publications in Theoretical Syntax

Adger, D (2016) “A labelling solution to a curious EPP effect” submitted (available on Lingbuzz at http://ling.auf.net/lingbuzz/002965)

Adger, D and Svenonius, P (2015) “How linguistic is the language faculty: a view from generative syntax.” Frontiers in Psychology (Language Sciences) doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2015.01421

Adger, D. (2014) “Syntax” Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews in Cognitive Science. 6.2 131-147.

Adger, D (2014) “Variability and Grammatical Architecture” C. Picallo (ed) Variation in a Minimalist Perspective. New York: Oxford University Press 179-196.

Culbertson, J and Adger, D (2014) “Language Learners privilege structured meaning over surface frequency” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (16) 5842-5847.

Adger, D (2013) A Syntax of Substance Cambridge, MA: MIT Press (Linguistic Inquiry Monographs). (189pp)

Adger, D (2013) “Constructions and Grammatical Explanation” Mind and Language. 28. 466-478.

Adger, D (2011) “Bare Resumptives” in Rouveret, A (ed) Resumptives at the Interfaces, Amsterdam: John Benjamins. 343-366.

Adger, D and Svenonius, P (2011) “Features in Minimalist Syntax” in Boeckx, C (ed) The Handbook of Linguistic Minimalism, Oxford: Blackwells, 27-51.

Adger, D. (2010) “A minimalist theory of feature structure” in A. Kibort and G. Corbett (eds) Features: Perspectives on a Key Notion in Linguistics. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 185-218.

Adger, D, Harbour, D and Watkins, L. (2009) Mirrors and Microparameters: Phrase Structure beyond Free Word Order. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge. (200pp)

Adger D. and Harbour, D., 2007 “The Syntax and Syncretisms of the Person Case Constraint”, Syntax 10:2-37

Adger, D. and Ramchand, G. 2005 “Merge vs Move: wh-dependencies revisited” Linguistic Inquiry, 36.2, 161-193.

Adger, D. Béjar, S. & Harbour, D. 2003 “Directionality in Allomorphy: a reply to Carstairs-McCarthy” Transactions of the Philological Society 101.1, 109-115.

Adger, D. & Ramchand, G. 2003 “Predication and Equation“ Linguistic Inquiry, 34.3, 325-359.

Adger, D. (2003) Core Syntax. Oxford University Press: Oxford. (425pp)

Adger, D. & Quer, J. 2001 “The syntax and semantics of Unselected Embedded Questions” Language 77.1,107-133.

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