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Most of my papers can be found on Lingbuzz. Feel free to contact me if you need something that is not there.

Books, Edited Volumes, Special Issues

Adger, D. (2019) Language Unlimited: The Science Behind Our Most Creative Power, Oxford: OUP.

Adger, D (2013) A Syntax of Substance Cambridge, MA: MIT Press (Linguistic Inquiry Monographs). (189pp)

Mesoudi, A, McElligot, A and Adger, D (2011) Human Biology. Special Issue on genetic and cultural evolutionary approaches to language

Adger, D, Harbour, D and Watkins, L. (2009) Mirrors and Microparameters: Phrase Structure beyond Free Word Order. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge. (200pp)

Harbour, D Adger, D and Bejar, S (eds) (2008) Phi Theory: phi features across interfaces and modules. Oxford University Press: Oxford. (376pp)

Trousdale, G. and Adger, D (eds) (2007) Journal of English Language and Linguistics. Special Issue on Theoretical Accounts of Dialect Variation. Vol. 11.2.

Adger, D., de Cat, C., and Tsoulas, G.(eds) (2004) Peripheries: syntactic edges and their effects. Kluwer: Dordrecht. (442pp)

Adger, D. (2003) Core Syntax. Oxford University Press: Oxford. (425pp)

Adger, D., Pintzuk, S., Plunkett, B. and Tsoulas, G. (eds) (1999) Specifiers: Minimalist Perspectives. Oxford University Press: Oxford. (344pp)

Articles in Journals/Refereed Volumes

Adger, D (2020) “Rethinking the syntax of nominal predication at the Interface” in A. Barany, T. Biberauer and J. Douglas (eds) LangSci Press.

Adger, D and van Urk, C (2020) “Three conlang projects at three educational levels” in Punske, J., Fountain, A. and Sanders, N, (eds) Constructed Languages in Linguistics Education. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Mackay, A.W., Adger, D., Bond, A.L.et al. (2019) “Straight-washing ecological legacies.” Nature Ecology and Evolution doi:10.1038/s41559-019-1025-9

Thoms, G., Adger, D. and Heycock, C. Smith, J. (2019) “Syntactic variation and auxiliary contraction: the surprising case of Scots” Language. 95: 421-455.

Martin, A., Abels, K., Adger, D., & Culbertson, J. (2019). “Do learners’ word order preferences reflect hierarchical language structure?” In: Proceedings of the 41st Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society (CogSci 2019).

Martin, A., Ratitamkul, T., K. Abels., D. Adger and J. Culbertson (2019) “Crosslinguistic evidence for cognitive universals in the noun phrase” Linguistics Vangard. 5: https://doi.org/10.1515/lingvan-2018-0072

Adger, D. (2019) “Remarks on Movement” preface to Tong, H. Syntactic Movement: from GB to Minimalism. (in Chinese) Shanghai: Shanghai Maritime University Press.

Adger, D (2018) “The Autonomy of Syntax” in N. Hornstein, H. Lasnik, P. Patel-Grosz and C. Yang. Syntactic Structures after 60 Years: the impact of the Chomskyan revolution in linguistics. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.

Adger, D (2017) “Ellipsis in additive responses.” in N. LaCara, K. Moulton and A-M. Tessier A Schrift to Fest Kyle Johnson. Linguistics Open Access Publications 1. https://doi.org/https://doi.org/10.7275/R57D2S95

Cheshire, J, Hall, D. and Adger, D (2017) “Multicultural London English and social and educational policies” Languages, Society and Policy1. https://doi.org/10.17863/CAM.9804

Adger, D. (2017) “The limitations of structural priming are not the limits of linguistic theory.” Brain and Behavioural Science https://doi.org/10.1017/S0140525X17000310

Adger, D (2017) “Structure, use, and syntactic ecology in language obsolescence” Canadian Journal of Linguistics, 62.4. 614-638. https://doi.org/10.1017/cnj.2017.32

Adger, D (2017) “Restrictiveness Matters” Psychonomic Bulletin and Review. 24(1), 138-139.

Adger, D (2016) “A labelling solution to a curious EPP effect” submitted (available on Lingbuzz at http://ling.auf.net/lingbuzz/002965)

Adger, D (2016) “Language Variability in Syntactic Theory”  in Mendikoetxea, A. (ed) Rethinking Parameters. New York: Oxford University Press.

Adger, D and Svenonius, P (2015) “How linguistic is the language faculty: a view from generative syntax.” Frontiers in Psychology (Language Sciences) doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2015.01421. Open access at http://journal.frontiersin.org/article/10.3389/fpsyg.2015.01421/full

Adger, D. (2015) “More misrepresentation: a response to Behme and Evans 2015” Lingua 162: 160-166. (Draft on Lingbuzz at http://ling.auf.net/lingbuzz/002544)

Adger, D. (2015) “Mythical Myths: Comments on Vyvyan Evans `The Language Myth’”. Lingua 158: 76-80.

Adger, D. (2014) “Syntax” Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews in Cognitive Science. 6.2 131-147.

Adger, D (2014) “Variability and Grammatical Architecture” C. Picallo (ed) Variation in a Minimalist Perspective. New York: Oxford University Press 179-196.

Culbertson, J and Adger, D (2014) “Language Learners privilege structured meaning over surface frequency” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (16) 5842-5847.

Adger, D (2013) “Constructions and Grammatical Explanation” Mind and Language. 28. 466-478.

Adger, D. and Harbour, D. (2013) “Phi-theory: Interfaces in Linguistic Theory” in Denilda Mouro and Marcelo Amorim Sebaldo (eds) Estudos e pesquisas em teoria da gramatica. Maceio, AL: edUFAL. 11-32.

Cheshire, J, Adger, D and Fox, S. (2013) “Relative who and the Actuation Problem” Lingua 126. 51-77.

Harbour, D, Watkins, L and Adger, D (2012) “Information structure, discourse structure, and noun phrase position in Kiowa”. International Journal of American Linguistics. 78.1. 97-126.

Adger, D (2011) “Clefted Situations: a note on expletives in Scottish Gaelic clefts” in A. Carnie (ed) Formal Approaches to Celtic Linguistics, Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 3-15.

Adger, D (2011) “Bare Resumptives” in Rouveret, A (ed) Resumptives at the Interfaces, Amsterdam: John Benjamins. 343-366.

Mesoudi, A, McElligot, A and Adger, D (2011) “Integrating genetic and cultural evolutionary approaches to language”. Human Biology 83.2. 141-152.

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Adger, D (2006) “Focussed Responses” Snippets 12. http://www.ledonline.it/snippets/allegati/snippets12001.pdf

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Conference Proceedings and Working Papers

Cheshire, J., Nortier, J and Adger, D. (2015) Emerging Multiethnolects in Europe. QMUL Occasional Papers in Linguistics. No 33. QMUL, London.

Adger, D. and Ramchand, G. 2007 “Psych nouns and the structure of predication” in A-R. Deal et al (eds) Proceedings of NELS 36. GLSA, UMass, Amherst.

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Research Reports

Adger, D. 2012 “Constructions are not Explanations” Lingbuzz 001675. http://ling.auf.net/lingbuzz/001675

Adger, D. & Rhys C.S. 1994 “Argument Structure and the English Gerund” in C.S Rhys, D. Adger & A. von Klopp (eds) Functional Categories, Argument Structure and Parametric Variation, EUCCS-WP-09, Centre for Cognitive Science, University of Edinburgh, 27-48.

Rhys, C.S. , D. Adger & A. von Klopp (eds) 1994 Functional Categories, Argument Structure and Parametric Variation, EUCCS-WP-09, Centre for Cognitive Science, University of Edinburgh.

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Adger, D. 1989 “Heuristic Input Redaction”. Technical Report HPLB-ISC-TR-89-001, Hewlett Packard Research Laboratories, Bristol.

Stenton, P., D. Proudian, S. Whittaker and D. Adger. 1989 “Supporting Set Manipulation Dialogues for Information Retrieval”. Technical Report HPLB-ISC-TR-020, Hewlett Packard Research Laboratories, Bristol.

Adger, D. 1988 “Split Transitivity, Agreement and Unification” DAI. Discussion Paper 69, Department of Artificial Intelligence, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh.

Adger, D. 1987 “A Mechanism for Parsing Parasitic Gaps” DAI. Discussion Paper 42, Department of Artificial Intelligence, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh.

Reviews etc.

Adger, D. 2015 “Review of Daniel Cloud’s The Domestication of Language”  Times Literary Supplement No 5893:28

Adger, D. 2015 “Review of Hartmann and Veenstra 2015” Language, in press.

Adger, D. 2009 “Review of Radick 2007, The Simian Tongue” Quarterly Review of Biology. 83, 398-399.

Adger, D 2007 “Review of Hoekstra 2005, Arguments and Structure” Lingua 117, 1826-1832.

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Adger, D. 1995 “Functional Heads and Interpretation” Thesis Summary, Glot International, Vol 1.1, 8-10. (Published with a review by E. Hoekstra).

Teaching Related Publications

Adger, D. “How on Earth do they do it: an extra-terrestrial view on syntax and phonology” EMagazine, 24, 58-59 (April, 2004)

Adger, D. “Syntax: Generative Grammar” Language, Linguistics and Area Studies Website Guide To Good Practice, (October 2002) http://www.lang.ltsn.ac.uk/resources/goodpractice.aspx?resourceid=402

Adger, D. “Why Theory is Essential” Language, Linguistics and Area Studies Website Guide To Good Practice, (October 2002) http://www.lang.ltsn.ac.uk/resources/goodpractice.aspx?resourceid=405

Adger, D. “Formal Models in Linguistics: Semantics ” Language, Linguistics and Area Studies Website Guide To Good Practice, (October 2002) http://www.lang.ltsn.ac.uk/resources/goodpractice.aspx?resourceid=407

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