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Some videos/recordings of recent and not so recent talks/podcasts etc

A general podcast on the science of language with 2Scientists

Podcast on constructed languages with In Plain Language

New Books on Language podcast interview about Language Unlimited

Podcast on Language Unlimited with the team from the Libreria bookshop.

Podcast with Chemistry World (!!)

An interview with BBC radio at the Cheltenham Science Festival in June 2018

My very first lecture as a junior lecturer at York in the early 1990s!

A rather shaky recording of an interview with Sky News on the grammar of degree modifiers.

Most of a general lecture called Structure in Babel, given at the University of New South Wales. It stops just as we get to Merge! Slides.

First lecture in the University of Maryland Baggett Lecture series, on why there are too many kinds of structure building operations. Slides.

Second lecture in the University of Maryland Baggett Lecture series, on why roll up movement is a bad idea, how our theory should rule it out, and what the implications for the analysis of Greenberg’s Universal 20 are. Slides

Plenary at NWAV 2015 a talk on combining insights from syntactic theory and sociolinguistics and the notion of syntactic ecology in explaining the patterns of variation in language death. Slides.

Interview on Radio 4 Today Programme about why emojis are not a language.

Interview at Queen Mary, 2014 an interview with David Hall on my research interests

Plenary at Olinco 2014 a talk extending the framework in A Syntax of Substance to auxiliary constructions

An interview for New Books on Language with George Walkden on A Syntax of Substance

An interview with RN Drive radio on some joint work with Jennifer Culbertson showing that people are sensitive to hidden structures in an artificial language rather than to the likelihood that one word will follow the next.

Series of Lectures in Seoul 2013 a series of lectures on my 2013 monograph, A Syntax of Substance.

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