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Writings on Socio-Syntax

Selected publications in Socio-Syntax

Adger, D (2016) “Structure, use, and syntactic ecology in language obsolescence” submitted (available on LingBuzz)

Adger, D (2016) “Language Variability in Syntactic Theory” in Mendikoetxea, A. (ed) Rethinking Parameters. New York: Oxford University Press.

Cheshire, J., Nortier, J and Adger, D. (2015) Emerging Multiethnolects in Europe. QMUL Occasional Papers in Linguistics. No 33. QMUL, London.

Adger, D (2014) “Variability and Grammatical Architecture” C. Picallo (ed) Variation in a Minimalist Perspective. New York: Oxford University Press 179-196.

Cheshire, J, Adger, D and Fox, S. (2013) “Relative who and the Actuation Problem” Lingua 126. 51-77.

Adger, D and Smith, J.  (2010) Variation in Agreement: a lexical feature-based approach, Lingua. 120.5, 1109-1134

Adger, D. 2007 “Variability and Modularity: A Response to Hudson” Journal of Linguistics 43:695-700.

Trousdale, G. and Adger, D (eds) (2007) Journal of English Language and Linguistics. Special Issue on Theoretical Accounts of Dialect Variation. Vol. 11.2.

Adger, D. and Trousdale, G. 2007. “Variation in English Syntax: Theoretical Implications” English Language and Linguistics 11:261-278.

Adger, D. 2006. “Combinatorial Variation” Journal of Linguistics. 42:503-530

Adger, D. and Ramchand, G. 2006. “Dialect variation in Gaelic relative clauses” in W. McLeod (ed) Rannsachadh na Gàidhlig. Dunedin Academic Press. 1-15.

Adger, D. and Smith, J. 2005 “Variation and the Minimalist Programme” in L. Cornips and K. Corrigan (eds) Syntax and Variation: Reconciling the Biological and the Social. John Benjamins: 149-178.



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