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Writings on Endangered Languages

Selected publications focussing on endangered languages (mainly Scottish Gaelic and Kiowa)

Harbour, D, Watkins, L and Adger, D (2012) “Information structure, discourse structure, and noun phrase position in Kiowa”. International Journal of American Linguistics. 78.1. 97-126.

Adger, D (2011) “Clefted Situations: a note on expletives in Scottish Gaelic clefts” in A. Carnie (ed) Formal Approaches to Celtic Linguistics, Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 3-15.

Adger, D (2011) “Bare Resumptives” in Rouveret, A (ed) Resumptives at the Interfaces, Amsterdam: John Benjamins. 343-366.

Adger, D (2010) “Gaelic Morphology” in M. Watson and M. Macleod (eds) The Edinburgh Companion to the Gaelic Language, Edinburgh University Press, 283-303.

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Adger, D, Harbour, D and Watkins, L. (2009) Mirrors and Microparameters: Phrase Structure beyond Free Word Order. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge. (200pp)

Adger, D. 2007 “Stress and Phasal Syntax”, Linguistic Analysis 33:238-266.

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Adger, D. 2005 “Fracturing the Adjective: evidence from Gaelic comparatives” in D. Harbour (ed) QMUL Occasional Papers in Linguistics. No 4. QMUL, London.

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Adger, D. 1997 “VSO and Weak Pronouns in Celtic” Canadian Journal of Linguistics, 42.1 9-31.

Adger, D. 1996 “Aspect, Agreement and Measure Phrases in Scottish Gaelic” in R. Borsley and I. Roberts (eds) The Syntax of the Celtic Languages, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 200-222.

Adger, D. 1988 “Split Transitivity, Agreement and Unification in Eastern Pomo” DAI. Discussion Paper 69, Department of Artificial Intelligence, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh.




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